Introducing Candela

Experience natural candle ambiance in a modern and safe lantern design. Candela offers greater peace of mind with a self-extinguishing timer control. 

How It Works


Designed for Every Space

Cozy up for a night in, set the mood for an intimate dinner, or make an outdoor party brighter. Candela lights up your everyday life.

Our Team

Designed and manufactured in Germany, Candela is part of the Munich-based JHIC GmbH family. 

Johannes Hoffmeister, CEO - As an experienced entrepreneur, Johannes has a strong background in sales and distribution. Having successfully funded and helped realize several innovative products by German startups, he’s now looking forward to bringing his latest idea, Candela, to the market.

Martin Brandl, Head of Sales and Distribution - Martin’s experience includes overseeing products as they move through the supply chain. That, along with his strong network of retail dealers, has helped him guide new products to a successful market launch.

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